4 upto 20 ports GSM SIP Gateway in San Mateo, Cagayan Valley for sale

Computers and Parts

Expandable upto 20 ports!
Asterisk Compatible (tested)
100% SIP Compatible
Upto 5 slots, each slot can insert GSM 4-port and FXS 8-port
5 slots available can combine with 8-port FXS each slot.
Available in different configurations.
5pcs 4-port GSM (GW1600-20G)
5pcs 8-port FXS (GW1600-40S)
3pcs 4-port GSM and 2pcs 8-port FXS (GW1600-12G16S)
You can buy additional modules separately.
GSM module - 4-port
FXS module - 8-port
Additional Contacts;
0917 318 7835
(2) 208 0596